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About Ron

Ron Aston is a Los Angeles based, MPSE Golden Reel and Emmy award winning sound effects editor and sound designer who began his professional career as a drummer in New England. Originally from Hartford, CT, where he grew up playing drums in many bands, venues, etc, Ron sought to take the next step in his music career as a drummer by relocating to Los Angeles, CA early in his life. Almost immediately after arriving on the West Coast, he began touring with a number of recording artists and groups, including Seals & Crofts, Hues Corporation, Gary Lewis and the Playboys, Helen Reddy, Paul Anka, Hamilton-Joe Frank & Reynolds, Robben Ford, Minnie Ripperton and Tom Scott, just to name a few. Ron was also the resident drummer for most of the run of the '80s TV show, 'Solid Gold', both in the studio and on camera.

After several years of touring the globe with several recording artists, Ron shifted his focus to the recording studio and the creative process that takes place there. At that point he focused more on becoming a studio musician, playing drums and some percussion on various recording projects that included records, music scores for motion pictures and television, as well and commercials for TV and radio. He was one of the first Los Angeles based studio drummers to adapt to the changing world of technology in music and quickly got into drum machine programming and later moved on from programming drum machines to using computers for doing drums and percussion programming. 

Having always had a strong interest in the technical side, as well as the creative aspects of the music/entertainment business, Ron eventually decided to get involved in sound effects editing and design and spent a year at Video Symphony in Burbank, CA learning all of the facets of sound editing and post production.  Since the early 2000s, he has done various types of sound editing, including Sound Effects editing, Sound Design, Backgrounds, Foley and Dialog editing on many motion picture and television productions. Ron's music background and his years of experience as a creative studio musician make him a natural for sound editing and sound design. It's all about creativity and attention to detail.


Ron has also been an active member of the Pro Tools beta test team for the past 14+ years. He's also a member of the Motion Picture Editor's Guild, MPSE, American Federation of Union Musicians and ASCAP. Ron's credits can be viewed here on his website, or at:

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